About farbwaerts

farbwaerts wants to add cheerfulness and color to your everyday life.

The idea was to create colorful notebooks with Martin´s watercolors, oil paintings and drawings and Christa’s business idea. Our products are made of 100% recycled paper or grass paper. 

Grass paper consists of at least 30% hay (grass fiber). The rest is composed of pulp and fresh wood fibers. Grass paper is recyclable and compostable.

We like its rough and hay-colored surface and soft hay fragrance.

Moreover, you can write and draw on grass paper with many utensils.

By using recycled paper and compostable grass paper in our products, we want to contribute to the effort of making our environment and climate greener.

farbwaerts continuously tries to create new products. We combine art with materials and production methods which we search for in Austria and the European Union. The focus of our work is on the environment, society, craftsmanship, art and creativity.

We are grateful for suggestions or critique! farbwaerts. Please contact us via info [at] farbwaerts.art .

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