Christa Ritzinger

works in the field of arts and crafts

I love traveling, photographing and writing. Often colors stimulate my fantasy. I am particularly fond of working with fabrics and paper. Most important, though, to me is the necessity to find natural and environmentally friendly fabric, such as linen, cotton and silk. When searching for ecologically valuable paper I came across grass paper – a beautiful material to write and draw on! Moreover, it is biodegradable.

Martin provided the paintings for the cover pages of the notebooks, which I designed for our shop. I also created the colouring books for children, with stories I invented for my son many years ago.

Last but not least I am responsible for distributing and shipping our products.

Martin Ritzinger

painter, draftsman, dystopian/-utopian with regard to architecture

I studied architecture at the TU Wien and the Tongji University Shanghai. My focus then was on creating planning methods for unexpected architectural functionalities. In my diploma thesis I examined the function value of stair-architecture: .

With my watercolor- and oil paintings I explore my architectural design and draft methods and –concepts as an artist. Besides, I write stories and poems where mathematical phenomena appear on stage as characters.

I also work with mathematical algorithms, which help me to examine my artwork in an unforeseeable, though mathematical way.

My art & research blog:

Instagram: ritzingerresearch